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Graduates Application

2023 Tianjin Medical University Graduate Admissions for International Students


I. Program objectives

To cultivate international students with a sense of social responsibility and to instill in them the art and science of medicine. They should master the basic theories and professional knowledge of the medical discipline and have the ability to engage in scientific research, teaching as well as management. Furthermore, students should learn high-level application-oriented professionals with good professionalism.

II. Enrollment categories, tuition fees and degree awarded

i. Master’s degree students, three-year program, tuition fee of RMB 50,000 per year;

ii. Doctoral students, three-year program, tuition fee RMB of 50,000 per year;

iii. Juniorscholar, three months to two-year program, tuition fee of RMB 50,000 per year;

iv. Seniorscholar, one to two-year program, tuition fee of RMB 50,000 per year.

Under the guidance of the supervisor, students should complete the teaching plan stipulated by the university, pass the examination and graduation thesis defense, pass the degree examination and be awarded the corresponding degree. Junior and Senior scholars will be awarded the corresponding certificates of completion.

III. Eligibility for Application

i. Applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen and in good health;

ii. Applicants' educational and age requirements:

    • Applicants for master's degree must have a bachelor's degree in a related field and work experience, and be no older than 35 years of age at the time of application.
    • Applicants for doctoral degree must have a master's degree in a related field and work experience, and be no older than 40 years of ageat the time of application.

iii. International students applying for clinical medicine should have a medical license of at least one country.

IV. Application Process

i. Applicants are required to read the admission carefully, determine their subject of study and supervisor. The enrollment major of the registered supervisor shall prevail, and they are not allowed to change majors after enrollment.

ii. According to the list of supervisor in the admission (Annex 1), applicants must contact the supervisor of the relevant majors by email. After the supervisor review and approve the acceptance, the supervisor will issue the letter of consent to accept the student in Chinese as one of the necessary materials for application.

iii. Applicants must register online at the website of China Scholarship Council ( fill in the application documents and print generated "Chinese government scholarship application form" (in Chinese or English). For details of the operation procedure, please refer to Annex 2. Operation Procedure of the Management Information System of Chinese Government Scholarship to Study in China. School code: 10062.

iv. Tianjin Medical University will organize the admission team to review the application materials of all applicants and recommend them to apply for the Chinese Government scholarship based on merit. All applicants are requested to apply in accordance with the application requirements for Chinese government scholarships. The candidates for Chinese government scholarships will be selected by the Ministry of Education and the China Scholarship Council after evaluation by experts.

v. Tianjin Medical University will notify applicants for additional documents or online interview if necessary, during the review of the application materials.

vi. After the review, Tianjin Medical University will recommend the Chinese government scholarship students from among the accepted students, and the acceptance letter will be mailed directly from Tianjin Medical University to the applicant after the approval of the Fund Committee.

V. Application, admission and registration time

i. The application period for international students of Tianjin Medical University for 2023 is from Jan. 01, 2023 to Mar. 20, 2023. Applicants should complete the application and send the application materials to the International Students Admission Office of Tianjin Medical University by email at within the specified time. Applicants or delegates should submit the application materials directly.

ii. The registration time for new students is September every year, and the specific time is determined by the admission notice.

VI. Application materials

i. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (completed in Chinese or English) generated from the website of the China Scholarship Council ( School code: 10062.

ii. All pages of passport. If you are holding a passport valid earlier than September 2023, please issue a new passport in time.

iii. Notarized certificate of highest education. A notarized translation into Chinese or English must be attached.

iv. If the applicant is employed, he/she must submit a notarized certificate of employment issued by his/her employer. A notarized translation into Chinese or English must be attached to the document.

v. Notarized academic transcripts (from the undergraduate level onward). Scanned copies of transcripts should include grades from the undergraduate, master's (if any), and doctoral (if any) levels of study, up to the most recent semester. The transcripts should be issued and stamped by the academic affairs office, graduate school or relevant student administration department of the school attended. A notarized translation into Chinese or English must be attached to the transcripts.

vi. Letter of acceptance from the supervisor of Tianjin Medical University, signed by the supervisor and stamped by the supervisor's unit.

vii. Study plan for coming to China (1000 words or more), written in Chinese or English, and signed by the Chinese supervisor for Ph.

viii. Applicants should submit a personal self-introduction video in Chinese or English and the video should contain relevant professional working ability in .avi or .mp4 format for 5-10 minutes.

ix. A letter of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in Chinese or English, which should focus on the applicant's study goals in China, the cooperation between the Chinese institution or supervisor and the foreign supervisor or inter-university exchange, and the evaluation of the student's overall ability and future development.

x. medical-related papers or scientific research published by the applicant, or other relevant information that can prove the applicant's professional and personal background.

xi. "Record of Physical Examination for Foreigners" (copy, keep the original by yourself): This form is printed by the Chinese health and quarantine authorities and must be completed in English. Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the Record of Physical Examination for Foreigners. The "Record of Physical Examination for Foreigners" is invalid if the items are missing, if the photo of the applicant is not affixed or if the photo is not stamped with a seam seal, or if it is not signed and stamped by the physician and the hospital. Since the examination results are valid for 6 months, applicants are advised to determine the time for their own medical examination accordingly.

xii. Certificate of no criminal record. Applicants must submit a certificate of no criminal record issued by the local public security authorities within the validity period, which should normally be within 6 months before the deadline for application.

Note: The above materials uploaded through the system must be clear, authentic and valid. Applicants are advised to use professional equipment to scan the relevant documents to be submitted. Applicants are responsible for any consequences caused by unclear or unrecognizable documents. All application materials should be sent by email to the International Student Admission Office of Tianjin Medical University (email address: by the students themselves.

VII. Visa Application

The admitted student should apply for a student (X1 or X2) visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate of the country of residence with the ordinary passport, the acceptance letter from the admission document, the visa application form for foreign students coming to China, the record of medical examination for foreigners and all medical examination reports. The admitted person will not be able to register for Tianjin Medical University if he/she does not enter with an ordinary passport or student visa.

VIII. Student Management

i. All students should strictly follow the teaching plan of their supervisors and the school for study experiments or internships.

ii. During the semester, students should fill out the leave of absence form formulated by the university and submit it to the International College of Medicine after the supervisor's signature and the seal of the training unit have been approved, and students should keep the copy for inspection. Those who leave Tianjin or leave the country without filling in the leave application form will be counted as part of the annual assessment according to the seriousness of the case, and will be punished accordingly.

iii. Comprehensive insurance for international students: The university will purchase comprehensive medical insurance for all students for outpatient and inpatient medical reimbursement and hospital advance service in China.

iv. International travel expenses: Students are responsible for their own expenses.

v. Accommodation: On-campus accommodation will be arranged for new students who report and register within the specified time. All graduate students will have double rooms, and the university will not provide single rooms. All people other than the students themselves are not allowed to stay in the international student dormitory. Students who apply for off-campus accommodation are considered to give up the on-campus dormitory and go through the procedure of checking out of the on-campus dormitory.

vi. International students must abide by the management system of international students of Tianjin Medical University, which is detailed in the Comprehensive Handbook for International Students.

IX. Contact Information

Tianjin Medical University International School of Medicine

Tel: +86-22-83336911


Address: 22 Meteorological Tai Road, Heping District, Tianjin, China

Zip Code: 300070


Note: Treatment of Chinese Government Scholarship Students

i. The duration of the Chinese government scholarship is the same as the academic program: 3 years for master's students and 3 years for doctoral students.

ii. Chinese government scholarship students are exempted from the registration fee, tuition fee, laboratory fee, internship fee, basic textbook fee, on-campus accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.

iii. Standard of living expenses for scholarship student:

    • Master’s graduate student, juniorscholar:3000 RMB/month
    • PhD students, senior scholar: 3500 RMB/month

iv. Scholarship living expenses will be paid by the university on a monthly basis from the date of admission. If a new student registers before the 15th of the month (including the 15th), he/she will receive a full month of scholarship living expenses; if he/she registers after the 15th, he/she will receive a half month of scholarship living expenses. The scholarship living expenses for graduates are paid until half a month after the graduation date determined by the school. For those who have suspended, withdrawn or completed their studies, the scholarship living expenses will be stopped from the following month.

v. The scholarship living expenses will be paid during the school holidays; if the scholarship student does not receive the scholarship living expenses on time during the vacations because he/she is away from school on leave, the scholarship living expenses can be paid after he/she returns to school. If a scholarship student fails to register on time without leave or misses 15% of classes, the student will be counted in the annual evaluation and given the corresponding punishment. After enrollment, they are entitled to a maximum of two vacations per year, each not exceeding two weeks.

vi. The scholarship recipient must be managed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Chinese government scholarship after coming to China. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their institution of admission, major and duration of study after coming to China.

vii. Scholarship students who apply for scholarship suspension for personal reasons must submit an application to the university, and after the university's approval and submission to the Foundation Committee, the scholarship status can be retained for a maximum of one year after the approval of the Foundation Committee, and the scholarship living expenses will be suspended during the suspension period. During the period of suspension, students need to leave the country and return to their home country, the round-trip international travel expenses are paid by the students themselves. The university will report to the immigration authorities to stop their residence permit status in China.

viii. Chinese government scholarship students are obliged to participate in all activities organized by the school, and those who do not obey the school's activities will be counted in the annual evaluation of Chinese government scholarship students until the scholarship qualification is cancelled.

ix. Chinese government scholarship students must abide by the regulations of the Chinese government scholarship students of Tianjin Medical University.



  1. The list of supervisors of international students accepted by Tianjin Medical University
  2. Operation Procedure of Management Information System for Chinese Government Scholarship Students Studying in China